Social media marketing, made by you.

Expert campaigns in a jiffy.

We're changing the face of social media marketing, making it possible for anyone to produce and publish content without the use of specialists, after just one hour's training.

Take control in-house, deliver expert social media campaigns, in any language, at any time to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

No more waiting in a production queue. Deliver your own campaigns in just a few easy steps.

The ROI is exceptional, with clients reporting savings as high as 80% per month.

It's time to repurpose your social media budget and gain a significant competitive advantage.

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Empower your teams.

Papirfly makes it super simple to create social media marketing.

Just a few intuitive steps to develop an expert campaign, no quality compromise, just incredible cost and time savings.

Include graphics. Add a frame. Change the web link. No problem.

Benefit from pre-agreed workflows for an efficient approval and distribution process.

  • Overhaul antiquated processes. Boost budgets and resources.
  • Empower teams to create and publish campaigns, without support.
  • Be nimble, responsive, get campaigns to market quickly.
  • Gain a significant competitive advantage.
  • Collaborate more easily, share, edit and re-use campaigns.
  • Make the complicated simple.


Speed to market.

No more waiting, no production queues.

All you need to create expert social media campaigns.

Guarantees brand consistency, as all the elements that make communications ‘on brand’ are locked down, so only the correct fonts, colours, layouts, images, photos etc can be used.

Any language, anywhere.

Papirfly makes it easy to build, preview, test and distribute all social media campaigns.

Highly flexible ‘intelligent’ templates, accessible via any browser, produce beautiful social media marketing.

Enjoy creative flexibility changing sizes, languages, images, text, fonts and adding links, all within pre-agreed boundaries, ensuring consistency and brand compliance, every time.

Share, support and inspire.

Birdseye view to review, edit and re-use all current, previous and pending social media campaigns.

Aids collaboration, saves on duplicated effort too.

Combine with the Brand Portal to enjoy even greater benefits. Educate, share and create marketing solutions with colleagues and stakeholders, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Security, innovation.

Proven, secure technology.

We take care of all system updates, back-ups and security.

Innovation - we invest heavily in research and development.

We ensure you have the best tools to stay ahead and manage your marketing your way, simply and easily.